Services and Products

PartoPak provides a wide range of services together with our partner network. Our service portfolio spans the whole product life cycle from installation and commissioning to system inspections and modernization. We have a team of qualified service specialists extended by an experienced and competent partner network in place to help you.

Our services are focused in four major fields:

  • Solar Energy
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Total solar power plants which we have designed and built exceed 32 MW both off-grid and on-grid. Iran has an outstanding place in receiving solar radiation in the world, Therefore it is planned to produce 5% of the total energy demand of the country by solar power by 2030. By optimal EPC service, We enable investors in this field to minimize costs at the same time that profit grows.

  • Waste to Energy

Waste to energy mainly includes energy production from sources like biomass, agricultural residues, municipal wastes, and wastewater. We provide advanced solutions in designing, constructing, and operating different types of anaerobic digesters as well as biogas upgrading technologies for different types of waste thanks to our proprietary and patent-protected technologies.

We are proud to announce that PartoPak is investing in and constructing the first wastewater biogas powerplant by the private sector in Iran (Second in total).

  • Energy Storage Systems for Wind Turbines

Our energy storage system comprises a patented variable inertia flywheel that enables the storage of rotational energy generated by a wind turbine at different angular speeds. Such a system is much lighter than the conventional flywheels used in wind turbines and allows the turbines to operate at a wider range of wind speeds. The technology has been implemented by various wind turbines primarily produced by MAPNA Group.

  • Ordinary Plastic and Biodegradable Products

Produced under the brand name “Abron Plastic”, Our biodegradable products will decay under lengthy exposure to UV light, heat, moisture, and microorganisms. The time for biodegradation varies among different products and takes a minimum of 2 years, however, this is dependent on the conditions under which they are stored or used. It must be noted that the lifetime of the biodegradable products is fairly lower than ordinary plastics like PP and PA, therefore, they are suitable for temporary uses.